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    Provide customers all over the world with faster, safer and more reliable bitcoin payment services

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  • Accept bitcoin

    Accept bitcoin

    Accept bitcoin and other altcoins for your business

  • Store securely

    Store securely

    Multiple signature and store separately to prove the coin security

  • Mobile wallet

    Mobile wallet

    Send bitcoin and other altcoins with bitbill wallet instantly

Extraordinarily safe digital currency payment platform

Focus on the payment security of global blockchain based digital currencies. Bitcoin payment reduces the cost and risk of Internet payment and contributes to payment innovation

Safe and stable

The technology architecture is built on the distributed network. All nodes share all information and data equally without any central node control. Because the manipulation of Bitcoin requires a private key, it can be isolated in any storage medium. No one can get it except the user

Convenient payment

As a point-to-point payment means, Bitcoin has no cumbersome limits and formalities, and can be paid if only the other's Bitcoin address is known. There is no restriction of bank payment days and transnational exchange rate

Low transaction fee

Bitcoin can be sent freely, only to pay certain transaction fee. Bitbill wallet allow you to control how much you consume. Higher fee can make the transaction to be confirmed faster. The fee has nothing to do with the amount you send, so you can send 1000 Bitcoins and one Bitcoin with the same transaction fee

Worldwide circulation, great appreciation potential

Bitcoin can be managed on any computer that is connected to the Internet. Wherever it is, anyone can dig, buy, sell, or receive Bitcoin. The use of Bitcoin payment will increase your profit margin

Advanced technology

  • Multiple Signatures

    Multi-signature guaranteeing account security

  • Signature backup

    Signature backup that bitcoin never lost

  • Lightning support

    Support lightning network, more instant transactions

Over 1000000 people are already using BTC every day