Secure, and lead the future | Blockchain wallet

Bitbill is the extremely secure blockchain wallet. You own your private keys. And the innovative software cold wallet feature protects your assets from Trojan viruses, brute force attacks and more.

Secure and easy to use Bitcoin and Ethereum MultiSig wallet

Secure and easy to use Bitcoin and Ethereum MultiSig features & innovative MultiSig interaction, convenient for institutions to store large amounts of digital assets.

Support all major coins and manage all digital assets

Support BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DCR, USDT, ERC20 tokens, and will support almost all major coins, convenient for you to manage all digital assets.

Same security level as hardware wallet

Bitbill Software Cold Wallet supports multiple encryption to secure your assets in the event of networking.

It supports both off-network (coming soon) and networking modes, making it easy to send transactions even in the event of a broken network, with the same security strength as mainstream digital hardware wallets (eg Ledger Nano S).

Easy to use than hardware wallet

Compared to the hardware wallet, Bitbill Software Cold Wallet is more convenient and easy to use, powerful, easy to update, and has a cool, technologically-sound UI.

Decentralized, free and fast

Bitbill Software Cold Wallet is a decentralized wallet, and your assets can be permanently protected without worrying about operational maintenance issues.

And it's free, it will quickly take you into the new world of blockchain.

Download the bitbill wallet