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Multiple currencies & accounts, secure & easy to use

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over 1,000,000 active users

10,000+ daily transactions   1,000+ coins supported

Free and open source

Fully open and transparent, BitBill has an open spirit of cooperation to improve efficiency and scalability

BitBill is committed to developing the most complete and most useful cryptocurrency wallet ever

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Digital assets all in one

Besides bitcoin, BitBill wallet is designed to support the most popular altcoins, like ETH, LTC and so on

You don't have download different wallet for different altcoins each. BitBill wallet is the digital assets wallet all in one

Better user experience

Interface simple and friendly, Contact feature makes it more easy to send and receive

It is easier to send transactions than bank card, enter the address of the payee or get the address by scanning the QR code, fill in the payment amount and finish it by just one click

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